Deducing ovulation is as magical as conceiving a Unicorn baby! The process of ovulation has its own mysteries and joys. Even though some facts remains same for deducing ovulation, however it happens on different day and different time in each month.

Let’s quickly see what Ovulation is?

Ovulation, as it is defined, is a small window of opportunity of 24 hours to conceive when one of your ovaries releases an egg to fertilize. Once the egg is released from your ovaries it has a lifespan of only 24 hours to get fertilized. If no fertilization happens then the thickened lining of the uterus sheds and the process of your cycle starts.

Isn’t this a really small window? Hacking the lucky 24 hours code was a big learning for me, as it was the biggest mistake I did in my process of trying. We tried our chances on nearby days before and after but never on the 24 hour radar ;), until I started to learn about the visible symptoms. 😀

So here are the 5 visible cues that will help you to crack the mystery of this magical window ;).

Ovulation signs

Once I learnt to crack the code I was puzzled with the very question of:

How to time the act in the lucky window of 24 hours?

Well, you know how our office hours are, how your mood fluctuates and on top of it the pressure of conceiving on the very day…huh! It literally gave me goose bumps.

But here is the good news and my great learning!

bacche ka baad

Hurrah! God is fair on that front 😉

So if you indulge in the act 5 to 3 days leading up to the O-Day the chances to conceive are as high as 33% per day as sperms waits in the fallopian tube for good 4 – 5 days to date the freshly released egg!

Once the egg meets the sperm on its way to uterus lining the magic begins!!!

Enjoy deducing the magic window!

Enjoy making unicorns!




  1. I think we can keep a track with different applications available on the Google play store like p tracker, my calendar etc. I used this application only to keep a track of everything because I was not knowing all these facts 🙈. What ever you have mentioned is really helpful for the parents who are trying to get their unicorns.


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