Pre-Conception Thinking – What to think before you step up to parenthood?

I am happy that you have decided to be a parent and want to build an army of your tiny tots running around the house ;). The thought itself is powerful for the conception!

Talking about conception, Aahar (Diet), Vihar (Lifestyle) and Vicahr (Thoughts) forms the three main constituent of the healthy living as per Ayurveda. These three constituents plays a crucial role in baby building mechanism as well.

I will discuss these three elements in a series of articles across different phases of motherhood so as to avoid information overload ;).

Let me start with the most powerful element of our life – Vichar i.e. Our Thoughts!

It is said that thoughts have the power to create anything and make it possible – and in this article our thoughts are completely invested into creating a unicorn baby 😉

Thoughts and conception has a very strong connect yet they are rarely discussed together during the journey of the parenthood.

Let me tell you a story from the Mahabharata. The story is of the birth of Dhritarashtra, Pandu and Vidura. This story symbolises the strong connection between thoughts and conception.

It tells us the tale of the great sage Vyasa of Hastinapur and his use of siddhis(powers) to impregnate the widows of Vichitravirya – Ambika, Ambalika and servant maid of Ambika. As per the epic scripture, Vyasa was summoned by his mother, Satyavati, to perform niyoga and impregnate widows of Vichitravirya so as to give produce an heir to the throne. During this process, of niyoga & impregnation Ambika closed her eyes out of fear whereas Ambalika became pale. It is said that due to these thoughts of the mothers, Dhritrashtra, born of Ambika, was blind and Pandu, born of Ambalika, was anaemic and pale.

At the request of his mother, Vyasa gave another chance to the future of Hastinapur through Ambika and thus agreed to perform niyoga the second time. However out of fear, Ambika sent her maid servant. The maid servant, with the intention to fulfil her duties and dharma, served the sage with full devotion by being calm and composed. Vidura born of the maid was the exact replica of dharma and dedicated his services to the throne throughout all his life.

This story in being symbolic, tells us that Ovum and Sperm can feel the vibes that the couple sends. This message is very powerful and apt with respect to our lives!” – says Dr. Sathe.

It also tells us that both wife as well as husband should be ready for being a parent. Any half-hearted feeling or fear may lead to chances of mishaps and complications.

Being ready means stepping into the mind-set of conception.

Samskar – the major rituals of the Hinduism is reported to have a ritual of pre-conception called Garbhadhana. This ritual was designed to positively condition the mind of the couple through mantras and with pure yet sensual appearance, so that the process of conception is seamless without any stress and negative thoughts.

A clear understanding from the ritual is one should be stress-free, calm & composed, full of positive vibes while indulging in the act of baby making. There should be no scope of mind wandering and negative thoughts – says Dr. Shipa Katiyar.

Well, it is much easier said than done! So here goes compiled list of 7 practical thoughts for you, before getting into the process of conception, which had proved helpful for many of my friends.


The common thinking across religion and culture is to have an offspring that would continue the family bloodline. However our scriptures like the Mahabharata suggest thinking about a leader like Kunti did. Kunti  thought of powers of Sun, Dharma, Wind and Indra to give birth to Karna, Yudhistir, Bheema and Arjuna.

Thus Pre-Conception Thought should be about:

The Inception of a healthy and happy human| Inception of a social and good person| inception of a person who will be a national leader or expert in a specific field or we can simply think it as an act of giving birth to either a Superman or a Superwoman 😉

image courtesy popping unicorns


Well I read that a Unicorn has the power of being magical, wise and strong at the same time. Thus, one should definitely think about popping babies as magical, as wise and as strong as UNICORN!

image courtesy popping unicorns


Each pregnancy being different, every parent-to-be should enjoy the process of becoming one! After all, not everybody is that lucky. The process of growing a bump, feeling of the little jolts inside us and mainly the eternal joy of feeling the growth of your own baby inside of you, from being the size of a poppy seed to that of a small pumpkin, is just exquisite! I don’t have words to describe it!

image courtesy popping unicorns


It is very important to appreciate yourself as well as your relationship so as to transfer the same self-esteem, same strength to your offspring at the time of conception. A personality affirmation makes a couple sexually confident, thus resulting in high and fruitful fertility!

image courtesy: funny quotes with cuss words


Getting everything immediately and at a click of a button, is the habit today. Couples translate this habit in their expectation of conception as well! The chances of you getting pregnant as soon as you stopped the contraception is as low as seeing a Unicorn ;). (Just exaggerating).

But patience is the key! Just by trying for 3- 6 months doesn’t mean that you are infertile! It might just have happened that, either you must be trying on the wrong days or you simply didn’t do it right?!

Well good news is – doctors suggest minimum trial tenure of 1 -2 years before you start your investigations regarding the infertility treatments. So, be calm and keep on trying! J

image courtesy: Unicorn Vectors


Societal and familial pressure is the toughest to fight. Once the people around you know that you are planning your family they start keeping a track of your cycles – strange but very true!!! Cycle after cycle the parents of the couple get tensed and stressed about their heir. However, couples themselves need to cut off this pressure by explaining the practicality to their parents – who are reasonably understanding and well educated. Persuade them that today’s erratic schedules and lifestyle just needs more time! – Blame it on the external factors ;).

image courtesy: Movie Dil dhadakne do


Like every other phase of life, pregnancy is also one of the phases of life which will happen in time. Stressing your life with pregnancy as the only motive will not help you to conceive; rather it will make it a much further event. There is no harm in expecting a positive result at the end of the cycle, however indulging in the act every time with only motive and no happiness would lead to disappointments!

d780fccd3dd8f856b4e231a3c25b47e1--funny-stress-quotes-stress-funny (1)
image courtesy: funny minion quotes


Think well!

Think positive!

Think Unicorn!




  1. You are so correct rich we just can’t express the feeling of being pregnant in words the first move the first kick and may other things that a mother can only feel inside her is just a wonderful feeling.

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  2. Really nice and useful…today in this stressful world we need be very strong and positive….you have written for a very good cause…Foundation strong to building strong….

    Liked by 1 person

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